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The Return of Touch A Truck Rock of Falls

Touch A Truck Returns to Rock Falls: A Community Event for All Ages

Megan Horsman
After a brief hiatus, Touch A Truck is back in Rock Falls, and anticipation is high for this beloved community event.

Since its successful debut, Touch A Truck of Rock Falls has captured the hearts of locals, offering a unique opportunity to engage with an impressive array of vehicles while fostering a spirit of camaraderie and fun. This year, join the fun and learning on June 1st from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. John Watts and a dedicated committee of individuals and businesses are ready to reignite the excitement.

Conveniently located across from RB&W Park in Rock Falls, Touch A Truck of Rock Falls promises an even bigger and better showcase than before. With over a hundred confirmed vehicles lined up for display, this year’s free event has nearly doubled the number of vehicles from past years’ events. This fact alone goes a long way to show the community’s eagerness to return to building fun and togetherness. Vehicles range from lawnmowers to monster trucks, helicopters to boats, and much more, there’s something to captivate every attendee and the list of vehicles to be displayed is truly impressive. 

What makes Touch A Truck truly special is its interactive approach. Unlike traditional car shows where vehicles are admired from afar, here, guests of all ages can get up close, touch, and explore each vehicle, gaining firsthand knowledge about their functions and purposes. It’s an educational experience cleverly disguised as entertainment, providing insights into the world of public vehicles that are often seen but seldom understood. 

At its core, Touch A Truck is a celebration of community spirit and support. Local businesses have rallied behind the event, generously donating their time and resources to ensure its success. When speaking with John Watts, organizer of the event, it became clear that this collective effort reflects the ethos of “for the community, by the community,” making Touch A Truck a true labor of love.

As we gear up for the event, excitement is building, and the deadline for showcasing vehicles is fast approaching. Organizer John Watts did state that the number of vehicles currently confirmed for display is pushing the capacity of the lot where the event will be held, he would welcome others if there was something different to be learned from the addition. Community members or businesses are welcome to reach out via the Facebook page, Return of Touch A Truck of Rock Falls. Whether you’re a proud vehicle owner eager to share your passion or a curious attendee looking for a day of family-friendly fun, Touch A Truck welcomes all.

In addition to the impressive display of vehicles and day of learning, the Eagles Club of Rock Falls will be cooking out and selling food as a fundraiser for the organization, and refreshing treats for sale from Kokomo’s Shaved Ice will help cool. There will be plenty of giveaways throughout the day and entertainment courtesy of a live DJ.

The refreshing sense of community that this event offers is welcome to all and a refreshing way to kick off event season throughout our communities for the summer.

Against the Grain, a Ford monster truck owned by Brad Shippert out of Dixon
Arnie Beswick and his famous dragster
Flying Parachute courtesy of Keith Stranberg

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